Lfo - If I Can't Have You Lyrics

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Lfo Lyrics

If I Can't Have You Lyrics


Yo,it's a big world (for real) you probably
Think I'm out there being a playa' huh?(what)
Haha but yo if I can't have you then I don't want
Anybody that's my word so(no no) check it out.
(nobody)if I can't have you I don't want nobody baby
(nobody)if I can't have you n,no (nobody else,nobody
Else)if I can't have you then I don't want nobody baby
(haha) if I can't have you no,no

[Verse 1]

You got the latest fashion ,e classin' and your body
Just smashin' time for some action.
When I hooked you up then I looked up my last one all
And all gotta joint cash flowin' forget your last
One, he ain't much mad cause it's me not him you
Touchin' in the night time when the lights go out no
Doubt rich nice could make you shout
Yes,yes hollerin' and to the brake of dawnin' and yea
Yea yea don't stop don't quit baby,girl
And rich we always hit the bumpin' if it's not you
Then it's nothin'.


If I can't have you,I don't want nobody baby (nobody)
If I can't have you no,no (nobody else,nobody else)
If I can't have you,then I don't want nobody baby
(haha)if I can't have you no,no

[Verse 2]

One,two,three,four,five baby,just keep it moving all
Night(all night)need you by my side from dark to sun
Light(sunlight)everything from side to side it's all
Right listen we can brake full baby,make waves just
Like a pool baby,um,baby we can shake the dorm brakes
Girl face it everything you want just take it's all
Right like constellations,girl you
Got my heart congratulations no need to lie when you
Mean it' s on and it's on and on right

[Repeat chorus]


Clap to this(da,da)come on(don don)clap your hands
(dom dada)yeah,yeah,yeah(nobody)

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3]

I think about you often ,lets take a little walk
Outta Boston hit boutiques and freak on Lansdowne
Street and lay low ,let's spend a few days and I
Rhyme for you do time for you ,calculate and carry out
The perfect crime for you let me
Shine with you won't regret it .,but if it's not for
You then forget it forget it
I don't want nobody else but you nobody something bout
Those freaky thing you do (the things you do) ain't
No one else but you

[Repeat chorus]

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