Lethal - Swim Or Drown Lyrics

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Lethal Lyrics

Swim Or Drown Lyrics

Visionary warrior
Erotic eyes search and deceive
Evaluating plans
To go your own way.
Masters of the system
Self-proclaimed Lothario
In safe perimeters
No conflict but no room to grow

Drowning on the land
I tried to walk on water
It always looked much different
From the other side
As I turned away
I thought I heard you say
Swim or drown my friend
Swim or drown

Mercenary fever
Dreams with suicidal themes
I have to find my place
I'll go my own way.
Master of resistance
Following the sirens call
Dying to be born
In the darkness of the morn.

There's no need pretending
There's happy endings
They always were so hard to believe.
So take your last breath
And swim until your death
To the alter of disorder

Dissident disciple
Seeking views close to the edge
A human zoo display
The chill of skin to fire
The look of eyes that turn away
The look of drowning man
Not knowing they are bordering slaves.

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