Lennon - Trying To Make Me Lyrics

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Lennon Lyrics

Trying To Make Me Lyrics

Are you sleeping, I wish I was
Are you dreaming, of someone to love
Do you know what I'm thinking but I guess you don't
'Cause you'd have to be around to hear my thoughts

Tomorrow's another day, and today is yesterday
And I don't care what you think you have to say
Tomorrow comes and today is gone
And I'm sick and tired of everyone trying to make me
Somebody else

[Verse 2]
It's funny how you destroyed the better part of me
There's nothing left so there's nothing anybody can see
It's been six months now and you think you found everything
In a day, I wasn't there, in a way you didn't care


I didn't settle, I just got lazy
But I could see where you'd make the mistake
I didn't try, I just gave up
It was better to leave than stay
It's easy when you're leaving
It's harder when you try to return
But I haven't got that far yet
And that's a lesson I never want to learn


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