Lennon - Couldn't Breathe Lyrics

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Lennon Lyrics

Couldn't Breathe Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Welcome me into your family
You try to show me the other side
Show me what I've been missing
You try to give me your life
I'm not trying to be the rebel
Just want my God-given right
If I'm going to fuck up my own life
I'm going to do it right

And I was too far to stand with you tonight
And I was too lost to find my way home
There was just this breath of air between us
And I couldn't breathe

[Verse 2]
Sitting back for a moment
Thinking about a lifetime of being alone with you
Remember lying in your arms one thousand feet off the ground
One thousand feet off the ground
The idea of jumping never came up


Standing on my ledge
Taking a jump
But it wasn't the out that I need


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