Lady Linn - Cry Baby Lyrics

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Lady Linn Lyrics

Cry Baby Lyrics

When things get really low
Youíve got no place to go
Since baby left the place
And left without a trace

Donít go searching for
Donít open up that door
See what life has in store
Donít you want some more?

Sometimes you just have to let it go
Let it all out, youíll love it so
Cry all your tears and enjoy yourself
Remember how you put your heart on the shelf

Cry, baby, cry
Like youíll never see the light
Cry, baby, cry
Like true love is out of sight
Try baby, try,
Like there will be no tomorrow ,to
Cry baby cry
Like your life is filled with sorrow

After youíve let yourself go like that
Relax and think about where itís at
Donít feel no shame , donít treat yourself mean
Love the fact that youíre a drama queen
Oooh, oooh

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