Woe, Is Me - With Our Friend[s] Behind Us Lyrics

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Woe, Is Me Lyrics

With Our Friend[s] Behind Us Lyrics

I bet you never thought we'd get this far,
But in the end, we won't give in 'cause it's just who we are.
I still have so much left to say,
So my best advice to you is stay the f*ck out of our way.

We will never back down, never give in.
No matter what it takes always believe in;
That when you swallow your pride and put all shit aside,
We'll be the ones standing in the end.

When you hit the road, you left without wasting any time.
You remembered your clothes, but left your spirit behind.
And at night when you're alone inside your head,
Don't pray for sympathy- no, pray for a miracle instead.
You're feeding me excuses and they're making me bitter.
Don't raise a fuss, just keep it up 'cause no one likes a quitter.

Just when you had us all figured out,
There's always one thing you forget about.
So we'll teach you a f*cking thing or two,
Of what it means to see shit through.

We'll stand our ground
Right here, right now;
With our friends all behind us
And this vengeance inside us.
We will tear you down.

[Caleb Shomo Part]

Someone once told me that time is gold,
So don't sit and watch it all disappear
Because these, dreams you hold can never be sold.
These dreams are what brought us here.
So f*ck everyone else, just believe in yourself.
So find your place, no time to waste.
'Cause it's like they say, life just isn't fair.

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