Wish For Wings - Boss-Lock Lyrics

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Wish For Wings Lyrics

Boss-Lock Lyrics

I've been down, but not out, because I am strong
and I will stand for what's right to me.
I can't take no more, just standing right back,
letting you walk over me.

Because this is my time and I will shine.
I'm not like you, I see right through and all that you do.
It's not right but that's you,
don't even know what's coming for people like you.

I can't stand to watch,
I'm not wasting time to see me through,
I don't fucking need you and all that you do.

I won't hold my breath,
because you had your chance but its gone and its dead.
This is all I have left and it's all that I need.
A promise kept true.

You got something to say mother fucker….SPEAK

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