Widespread Panic - Conrad Lyrics

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Widespread Panic Lyrics

Conrad Lyrics

Conrad the Caterpillar thought he was really killer,
Couldn't wait to build a cocoon (original lyrics)
Couldn't wait to buy blue suede shoes (recent lyrics)
Spent all his days eatin' leaves in the shade
And stayed when the night set, too.
Conrad the Caterpillar knew life would be a thriller
Soon as the threads was spun
Wouldn't stop to play in the Caterpillar Games
Till his own webbing game was done.

He said, "No, no, I got no time to play,
Got a thousand little legs that don't get me too far in a day,
I'm leaving, looks like I can't stay."

That little pillar he found him a willow
Spun in with a craftsmans weave
Wound so tightly to protect him from the light
And all shapes of water that drop from the leaves
Conrad the Caterpillar knew he would be a chiller
And he wound it tighter some more
Wound it so wide and the ends of his legs got sore.

He said, "No, now I can't feel my feet
Just when I thought it was time to take a stroll on down the street
I'm leaving, looks like I can't leave
What do you know?
What's all this moving around with inside me?

What kind of 'piller could touch the world of a miller
Chopping trees to build a new store
Nobody sees a lonely bump on the tree
Except a lump who's crying for more
Conrad the Caterpillar knew life would be a chiller as he wound it tighter some more
Anybody stands in the caterpillar's place is moving in a standing run

He said, "No brother, I just need some room to fly,
I spent all of my days just trying to keep dry
Oh I'd take a waterfall or a drop from my eye
I can't see nothin' from here anyway, I might as well make room and try
Might as well try

Oh no, I just need a little room to play
Got a thousand little wings and I'm gonna use them all today
I'm leaving, it looks like I gotta stay.

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