White Boys - On a Mission Lyrics

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White Boys Lyrics

On a Mission Lyrics

(Good morning, Boys
We just received details of a plan by unfriendly elements
to undermine the efforts of the hip-hop generation.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it,
is to overcome these elements using any methods necessary.
As always, should any of your crew be caught or killed,
the producer will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
Good luck!)

3-2-1, time's expired
Guns for hire, we're on fire
Our mission, printed on paper
We begin a brand new caper
With order to take the throne
Servin suckers because we've shown
A knack to crack and attack the wack
Mr. Ed, Precise and Exact
Deliverin the goods like we should
If you could I know you would
Try to slide, run and hide
Here's a token, take a ride
Cause your time is up, this is our time
Our record and our rhyme
So listen to what we say
We're gonna pave the way
We're on a mission

(Your mission)
(Overcome these elements)
(Any methods necessary)

Set the scene, somewhere in Queens
It's do or die, no inbetweens
W Boys, lined up like cattle
Prime time for a battle
They're here, full of fear
From far and near
It's time, time to rhyme
Word for word, line for line
Them for theirs, us for ours
Coalition of the superpowers
So step back, let us take care
Of business, a nightmare
Is occurring, I'm referring
To the bruises, to the blurring
Eyes that you possess
Yes, you can guess
We're on a mission

(Hip-hop generation)
(Any methods necessary)
(Overcome these elements)

(The producer will disavow any knowledge of your actions)

A breeze, men on their knees
No one competes with rhymes like these
Some thought but they were wrong
They just prolong their destiny
Their date with fate
But it's too late
Cause the battle's won, we've won it
Impossible? We've done it
Mission accomplished, the new kings
In your ears it rings:
We're on a mission

(Hip-hop generation)

(The producer will disavow any knowledge of your actions)

(Hip-hop generation)

(Your mission)
(Any methods necessary)
(Overcome these elements)

(Any methods necessary)

(This tape will self-destruct in 10 seconds)

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