Whiskey Myers - Road of Life Lyrics

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Whiskey Myers Lyrics

Road of Life Lyrics

empty beer cans, 6 strings
we listen to bob wills sing
he has to played the honky tonk blues
smokey pool halls and run down bars
fast women and fancy cars
lord is this the life I choose?

cuz ill be gone by tommorow
and ill be high by tonight
like a gypsy I keep on rollin'
rollin' down this road of life

5 buddies in a beat up van
just tryin to stick it to the man
As the wheels roll along
red lights and white lines
i feel like im loosing my mind
just to write one more song


shes the one rolling through my mind
if only i can only find the time
to give her what she needs
well baby weve come to far
and baby thats another sky
cuz the road of lifes the only one i need


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