Thy Endless Wrath - Lord Of Soul's Rebellion Lyrics

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Thy Endless Wrath Lyrics

Lord Of Soul's Rebellion Lyrics

One dark power full my soul of hate,
the power of the truth
the power of the immortality.
It's the old way to the wisdom
the path to the ever dark side.

For the power that grows in the night
and covers my soul,
for the glory of Satan.
Lord of Soul's Rebellion.

For the dark legion that triumphant shall rise
over the chaos that goes
to the reign of forsaken shades,
which wait in the wisdom of silence
while the ages of blood
continue it's curse
for the glory of Satan...
Lord of Soul's Rebellion.

Oh Ancient lord of dawn and night,
whom neither the place nor time
will take out from my life,
guide me through your dimensions of wisdom!

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