Randy Montana - Assembly Line Lyrics

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Randy Montana Lyrics

Assembly Line Lyrics

Punched in just about five
Ratchet in my left and a flat-head in my right
Hoping that Iíll hear about a raise by the end of the week
Just a hundred and thirty-two steps
Making machines out a steel and sweat
Over and over again like a record thatís on repeat
And itís all manufactured time
When youíre on the assembly line
Building products made to sell
Moving on a conveyer belt
And itís a job for a diligent heart
And Iím just one of a thousand parts
You might think Iíve got it rough but I donít mind
Working on the assembly line
All day in steel-toed boots
Vacation days that Iíll never use
Thereís a rumor going Ďround thatís got nothing to do with me
Charlie swears heís gonna quit
Put his two weeks in and thatís it
Heís been talkiní that way since the summer of Ď93
Repeat Chorus Twice
It ainít a job for everyone but itís mine
Working on the assembly line
On the assembly line
Clocked out about 5 p.m.
Wake up in the morning, do it all again

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