Public Announcement - Papi Lyrics

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Public Announcement Lyrics

Papi Lyrics

Yeah! What's up mami?
(Ooh papi)
You know how papi like it
(Hmm como te gusta papi)
Don't be shy
(Sigue amando me)
Come on
(Ay papi)
Take me

Mira mami come show me love
I'm right here chillin in the hot tub
I wanna freak you
I wanna sex you
I wanna have you doin things you never thought you'd do
So bring it over, don't be shy
You're looking tasty between your hips & thighs
My body's fiendin for your sexy touch
It feels so good I can't get enough
The way you freak it, no girl can match your style
I like the way you get real buck wild
I rub you down, hot oil
And let me watch you goo-goo-gaa-gaa with your toy.

Girl you know you got me open and it's crazy
In and out up and down with you freakin
If you're feelin my juices flowin lady
Call me papi, papi, papi, papi baby


Senorita you got me on the floor
Watchin you tango give it to me more
Margaritas, limes in the air
All the boriquas Coronas everywhere
Tequila flowin everybody's doin shots
This clubs jumpin, this gotta be the spot
You catch my eyes undressin you
So won't you meet me in the champagne room
No sex, involved just you touchin me
Cause tonight I'm gonna see you in my dreams
Your body's callin for my sexy touch
And you shoutin' "I Can't Get Enough!"
You've got your hooks in me
It's so fishy girl, can't you see
You got me, open open wide
Mami, papi wanna come inside your love

[1: x4]

Ven aqui mami, you think I'm loco
90 degree, love has got me in a choke hold
Private thoughts of me and you
Dame un beso and I'll give you one too
Hairs curly brown, eyes shiny too
Tell me amor what am I to do
I need your kiss, I need your hugs, I need your touch, mami

[1: till end]

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