Public Announcement - Don't Hold Back Lyrics

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Public Announcement Lyrics

Don't Hold Back Lyrics

(feat. Swing)

[PA (Swing)]
PA, 2G
(Yippe-yi, yippe-yo, yippe-ya, what?)
What you thought? (Huh!)
We was gone? (Wha-t?!?)
We back
Mack, Ace, L.C., Feloney

All the time, watching you, smelling good
Walking by, can I get a hey or a hi
Baby I (baby) I wanna know your name
(Can I?)
Second your game
And third you're independent
And you're out here doing your thing
(Go on, rock on with your bad self)
(You tha bizness with your bad self)
Wanna let you know
That if you're available
Let me know, so we can holler
And we can take this thing to the next level, yeah
Move on with me, the V.I.P.
Sexy, baby
I've wanna check you out
And show what you the hell I'm all about

Baby don't hold back
Can I body bump you like that?
I like the way the cards are stacked
Movin' it front to back
Baby don't hold back
Got me open just like that
I'm feelin' how you shake your back
Movin' it front to back

You're at my spot now
Relax and let your hair down
Candlelights and Cristal
Kick back, 'fore I lay it down
Ain't no need to rush the vibe
Just let it ride
(Cause we got) more plenty nights
(To put) this thing in flight
(But if) you really wanna get it on
Just let me know
(Cause I got) sexual healing
(And uh) love t.k.o.
(We can) get between the sheats
(And we'll) turn up the heat
(As I) kiss all over your body
You will come back for me yeah, yeah oh

[Repeat 1]

Yeah, don't front
You know you got me open
Air motion controllin' my emotion
Provokin' a nigga on hard
If you don't wanna finish this baby, don't even start
Make me wanna take you shoppin'
The way you get me brick hard
Like some 2000 rims you flickin' hard
Can you shake it like that?
For real, for real
Can you bounce it like that?
For bill, for bill
You tha bizness like stock exchange
Way you pop that thing, and poppin' with thangs
The reason why a nigga keep a bend on 'em
Don't care if chickens tellin' his girlfriend on 'em
Come roll with this thug
Let the adrenaline flow through your blood
Like you're really holding my drugs
When I'm blowing them slugs
You're controllin' the clubs
Baby we can uh like I'm holdin' you, what?

[Repeat 1 till end]

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