Public Announcement - All Work, No Play Lyrics

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Public Announcement Lyrics

All Work, No Play Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I know this relationship is business every time I see you girl my feelings getting drop I should be teaching you and treating you like a queen baby and the things we talk about we want get very far I complemented you so many days so many ways even offered dinner and a trip in side my car don't mean to bother you I'm tryna respect what you do but I caint cope cause when I focus there you are {all work}

All work & no play
Is making me so crazy

[Verse 2:]
Although tis job of mine keeping all my bills paid I'm a have to lose it being with you everything okay all I want is a good time with you can I get it with you it bring out all the true in me yea you the one I think for you in my life maybe no good for me but I'm still gonna try don't pry baby let me know today I caint stand being with you baby this way {all work}

[Chorus: x2]
All work & no play {and no play}}
Is making me so crazy {all baby it's making me}

[Verse 3:]
Every time I'm alone I think about you I get a bone that mean I'm hungrey for you mm you keep me satisfied so santyfied you wanna ride and I'm riding waiting for you to walk through the door way ain't no way thesre not gonna be 4play I can tell you tasteless {your tasty} {your tasty}

[Chorus: x2]
All work & no play {all work} {ain't no playing going on}why caint I play with you I wanna hold you
Making me so crazy {making me crazy} {crazy baby crazy baby} a man deserve to play baby

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