The Promise Ring - Emergency! Emergency! Lyrics

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The Promise Ring Lyrics

Emergency! Emergency! Lyrics

Sometimes I wake up early to say goodbye
just in case you don't come back.
I know the coffee leaves by car,
because it goes fast really far.
Then that's where you are.
And soon the room can't tell you were here,
and there's dust in my hair
and dusty air has gone crazy for something late in the year,
and water everywhere.
Sometimes I wake up early to say hello,
tell you everything you already know.
So early I start watching the bed,
where we are attacked and we are one.
We come all undone.
When I come around,
some lost and some found,
I know you'll be here on the ground when I come around.
I'll come around come around come around then I'll go around.
Very Emergency, SOS.

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