Project Pat - Out There Lyrics

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Project Pat Lyrics

Out There Lyrics

Hey, pass me a beer man. Here you go. Man that nigga been standin ova der in the same god damn spot slangin that shit for the last four five days man
With the same clothes on, ain't even been home yet. I don't even think so, I wonders if hes smokin or sellin dat shit, he had to smokin or snortin somthin. to be up for four or five days. I heard he shot somebody man, Fo realz?

Blunt to ma lips, gun on ma hip, rocks in ma socks, pocket full of chips
Watchin fo tha pigs, splittin hatas wigs, stackin me some grip, playa can ya dig x 2

Project pat a nigga that's down fo his crown man
If yo ass step I'm a be downtown man, 4th floor bound man
Thas if I get caught man, push me to the edge so it really ain't ma fault man
See I gotta die man, don't you even try man, enemies gon bleed once I let these bullets fly man
Mama gonna cry man, I like to get high man, niggaz passin plates snortin line afta line man
I's gots to get mine man, robbin was the crime man, that a nigga did but I done served ma time man
Put that all behind man, get out on the grind man, slang some a dis dope in the street or my rhyme man
See I ain't a foo man, fuck listenin to you man, why you in ma grill and you know that we ain't coo man
Project ain't a duck man, see I know what's up man, get up off ma dick like a mutha fuckin slut man


Where I'm from man, ain't no sunshine gonna shine on a dogs ass, if is ass don't get on a grind
Doin time help the nigga out to clear up ma head, used to have a shank in the light that was by ma bed
It was said I would end up dead workin in tha streets but the street is the only thang I see payin me
Quarter ki, fuck servin deals rock it to da shake slangin guns slangin tvs, man I'm tryin to make all I can
Ma nigga poncho at a hos house get her drunk take her to da back, put dick in her mouf, beat her front
Don't unlock ma nig turn tha radio, pull the car up into the yard cleanin out the ho you should know
That a burglary really ain't fo me, I just got out the 'tentiary tryin to get on ma feet
Get the cheese of the merchandise went and bought a deal nigga please you say you don't steal
I'm a keep it real


Hata's like to get a player twisted in this bull shit-a
A game splitta, I'm also a wig splitta, you ass gett-a
Shot up by da 9 milla, yo cap I drilla, when fuckin with a real nigga
The chrome trigga, should regulate a punk quick-a, the bullet hit cha
I'm zoned off dat brown liqa, you need to getcha, nose outta niggas biz
Quit spreadin rumors like mo fuckin punk bitch, my trunk is the bed fo a kidnap victim
Hollow point hit dem, pull out ma gun yo hands you get them up in the air-a
Because you can't tell me an erra, don't wanna scare ya, say you a man then face the terra
I know these bullets a pop yo shit off like a melon, thas busted up and it's fucked man who you tellin
It's Armageddon, the north memphis crack we sellin, you pass me that potent weed is what they yellin


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