Project Pat - I Get da Chewin' Lyrics

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Project Pat Lyrics

I Get da Chewin' Lyrics

Chew, I get da [x15]

[Chorus x2]
Goddamn day, goddamn, goddamn day
I get da chewin' from you bitches every goddamn day
Goddamn day, goddamn, goddamn day
I get da chewin, chewin, chewin, chewin goddamn day

[Project Pat]
Well it's the pimp playa, ho laya
Money maka, bitch breaka
Take a ho to the hotel then I save a
Spot for my row dogg
Drinkin on this eight ball, don't y'all
Wanna run a train on this bald head bitch
Sucking much dick, quick
I spit mack shit, slick
On a ho's mind, fine with a big behind
I'm going to get her some
Soon as she make me cum
Off her nut, off her butt
Project Pat don't give a fuck
Fuckin' with the neighborhood North Memphis Hollywood
And I could and I should ride in the freakwood
?Roam? with the tome to your neck if you caught slippin
Bullet to the dome and you dead if you start trippin
These women of the nine traight like they ???
Kiss yo neck, kiss yo chest, then kiss up on the dick
Real pimp niggas like me lead these hoes astray
Knowin I get da chewin every goddamn day

[Chorus x2]

[Project Pat]
Freaky little dick sucka, money loving cheese lovas
Suck a dick, do it quick, just so she can be your bitch
Trick ain't nothing but an idle
Wanna have a players title
Idle of the ass, lock it
Put the dick in fast, cock it
Back, Back, from da back
Dollar bills the ho will stack
From a fool, who was lame
Sucka ain't hip to the game, just the same
Never in your life sell out to a bitch
Hook up with yo row dogg mann and run through the bitch
Choo Choo chick, lick dick just like they do popcicles
Ugly sluts, lick up nut just like they do hot pickles
Nickel dime hoes dogg, yeah that's why I tell the story
Cause I know y'all don't fit the category
Much glory is what I give to my row nigs
Juicy J, Heavy C, and my nig Toby
They see like me and they down all the way
That's for getting da chewin every goddamn day

[Chorus x2]

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