Pretty Girls Make Graves - A Certain Cemetery Lyrics

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Pretty Girls Make Graves Lyrics

A Certain Cemetery Lyrics

What do you do when your angels
Have all flown away?
There's an ache through my body
That just won't go away

Here's a picture that we took last fall
See there you haven't aged at all
But you, have a smile I haven't seen around
Lately you're as dark as this town
And I know it seems like nothing changes
Days go by and we just age
Well, killing time can feel so right
In your bedroom without the lights
Let's get old together
Make promises and lie but never
Let this city get the best of us
Grow apart from the things we love

Make a wish with a coin in a fountain
They pound the floor when they say we're
Making too much noise in the apartment below
We've got no morning jobs to go to
Late night dreams and a whole lot of wishing
All the secrets that we're not telling
Cities sometimes just blend together and it feels we've
Been away forever
We should really only have one care
To get back to the room that we both share

So whisper and tell me where I went wrong
Tell me why everything around you lost its shine
Why nothing glows
Tell me why you're waiting, or what you're waiting for
Never seen when opportunity is at your door
Let's get out of this mess
No one will even know we left
No use on dwelling on the thing you'll soon forget

When this is over, it's alright

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