Planet Ad - Stay Lyrics

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Planet Ad Lyrics

Stay Lyrics

I feel so restless like I never felt before
I wanna fight them and I am losing control now
You're running too fast but I swear you will no more
Cause it's our last chance to come back and fix it all
I want to break down all the shields around your heart
I need your touch now even if we stand too far
You'll see me around and it's never been so hard
Cause we are soul bound and you'll give me other scars

Please stay with me
As I keep running and running again
And if its wrong or its right I don't care

You look so wasted like you never looked before
I know you'll find it between the pages of your life
This is the right way for the end of useless crimes
While we were fighting the time was running out
I'll keep your secrets in the deepest of my heart
Then all the movies we used to watch all night
Before the fireworks and all the plans that we made
Looks like a picture that slowly fades away

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