Pistol Grip - Another Face To Hate Lyrics

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Pistol Grip Lyrics

Another Face To Hate Lyrics

Revenge served hot leaves a bad taste
The jargon that you feed is thrown back in your face
Apocalyptic sun sets in the US
The conviction of your men is put to the test
Call attention to the masses panic button to the floor
Ready your troops for a holy fuckin war
Fight fire with fire and evil with evil
Got no angels left just villainous people

Get your radar locked cause there's no turning back
A soldier of god is never gonna crack
The proud die first and the young die young
The only right side is the one that you're on

Another face to hate [x4]

Stamp a new face on the one dollar bill
Locked and loaded and ready to kill
Countries in flames gonna glow through the night
A frantic population bleeds blue, red, and white
Conscience overlooked wear your ethics on your gun
Circumvent insanity heathens on the run
Never gonna end never satisfied
The souls of discontent never lift a hand to fight

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