Pennywise - Closer Lyrics

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Pennywise Lyrics

Closer Lyrics

No answers just questions
This life defies expression
No freedom no Feelings
I'm just a human non being
Nothing left to chance
Nothing left to try
Just when I get closer
Then it's my turn to die
Just when you feel alive
Just when I get closer
I can feel it slipping away
Just when I feel better that's when
Everything starts to change
No chance to be no chance to see
What's left to say?
Just when I get closer
That's when it all slips away
This problem I'm feeling
Logic defies all reason
Can't stop it this pressure
Gets worse just when I feel better
Just when I think that
Things can change
These answers drift and slip away
Just one more chance
To release for one more day
These questions drift and slip away

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