Pegasus - Farewell Lyrics

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Pegasus Lyrics

Farewell Lyrics

I'm starting a new quest
because my knowledge is not enough
I must leave you here alone
but I surely will return

it's only for a year
I'll be waiting here for you
you are always in my heart
and I'll love you for all time

my brother is informed
he'll keep an eye on you
his heart is strong and pure
and his sword will protect you

with him I have no fear
but it doesn't comfort me
my heart belongs to you
for you I'll save my tears

...don't take this farewell so hard [2x]

when the evil will awake
don't make a fatal mistake
you can't defeat them all
send me a sign to come

I'll reach you everywhere
my heart will find the way
but now it's time to go
For the last time I feel you

...don't take this farewell so hard [2x]

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