Pay No Respect - The Fight Lyrics

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Pay No Respect Lyrics

The Fight Lyrics

Don't you ever look at me
Don't you fucking speak to me
I fucking gave you everything
Not once you gave me anything

Slip of the tongue and it's done
No turning back it's just begun
You try to say it's not hate
Don't waste my time too late
Never forget
Those words without respect
Never forgive
Now take the fucking test

I remember those days inside my head
And now I find myself seeing red
You live your life by what you think you know
You don't know shit and now it's starts to show
Starts to show

All rise or stand aside
Every second of every day this is the only way

And now as you struggle there's nothing left
Your pissing blood while you sit in your broken past
Here I stand look to the future
Your all alone justice is done
One more time (no time for you)
No more time (this is the fight!)

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