Patty Smith - Glitter in Their Eyes Lyrics

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Patty Smith Lyrics

Glitter in Their Eyes Lyrics

One fine day these words I pray
Will breathe a truthWithin yourself upon a shelfA life anew
So many roads
It's hard to know what to do
All your dreamsAll it seems
Is as you choose
For destiny my china bird
Is calling for you

The world turns
The flame burns
Bright and true
Near and far
Where you areGuiding you china bird
The open skiesAre yearning for you

If they say it's not that way
Hold your view
With my love fly above
A light anew
Oh spread your wings
The open skyIs calling to you china birdMy heart is yearning for you
If you fly awayI'll be waiting come what may
All my love a fragile rayFor you for you

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