Path Of No Return - Passion Dissolved Lyrics

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Path Of No Return Lyrics

Passion Dissolved Lyrics

Beaten body and weakened mind, a blurry vision of what is life.
Broken down by a system built to gain people like you.
And you don't fucking search for the cure; you just leave a suicide note.
A daily nightmare, you don't give a fuck, you just wait for me there to come and lift you up.
Then all your tears are waste.
I will bring you too your knees and make you take back your day to fight for tomorrow.
Fuck you.
Beneath your sunken eyes, does it make you feel any better to watch me bleed for you?
Is this where we're heading?
Is this how a friend should be, then fuck you.
You run away, you fucking run away from everything.
But don't ever come back to me again to cry out against the pain,
The shame and the empty feeling of a lost soul in the tracks of your mind.
Passion dissolved.

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