Path Of No Return - Holocaust Lyrics

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Path Of No Return Lyrics

Holocaust Lyrics

Try to grasp something solid as hell unleashed upon our dying realm.
The sky comes falling down and buries the souls of thousands in pain and fear.
There will be no glimmer on the horizon tonight.
Smoke fills the air we breathe when another bullet digs a grave.
And we can't make it go away, this infinite pain.
Absent compassion left this world in dismay.
From high up in the sky, the moon and the stars watch our pitiful world fall apart.
Hell is unleashed upon this crying earth.
The sky comes falling down...
Comes falling down as we try to find shelter, as we try to survive.
Smoke fills our lungs and another tear runs down a bloodstained face.
Another bloodstained face.
The pain we inflict, the horror we create, the poison we spread, can we make it go away?

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