Path Of No Return - Face Of Angels Lyrics

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Path Of No Return Lyrics

Face Of Angels Lyrics

They wear the face of angels but corruption rules their twisted mind of a nation been led astray, cheated and betrayed.
Strike down the force that compels our rage.
Confine the greed that deprives us our strength.
It's time we see through their lies.
Turn the tide of devastation.
All kneel for the plague is here.
The sickness infiltrates mankind's world.
Obey the darkness of deceit that leaves a million dying screams unheard.
Is stand by and watch all that we can do?
Gain on our ignorance, they steal our souls.
But I won't let them steal mine.
They wear the face of angels, but leave the truth buried deep.
Eradicated traces, beautiful facades ensure the mass eternal sleep.
Numbed conditions in greedy minds, twisted, scarred from dollar signs has sealed the doom of this dying race as we head for our demise.

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