Path Of No Return - Black Nights Coming Lyrics

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Path Of No Return Lyrics

Black Nights Coming Lyrics

Let my wings reach the sky when I bleed myself dry, as she vanishes darker than the night, missed and forsaken.
Let my wings reach the sky, when I know something might die, something inside.
When I'm stuck in a corner and she floats like a tree.
When it's raining in my heart.
When drops of sadness fall upon my suffering soul, drowning my joy.
When I see her face and I must lock it away in a place that sees not the light of day.
A bite.
A bitter taste of failure in every try for success.
Can't gain ground.
Can't gain fate.
Black nights coming to conquer my head.
Can't leave lost times.
Can't leave hell's past.
When blood has been shed I'm already dead.
So take my hand and lead the way when all my movements are denied.
'Cause when tomorrow fails to come, this fragile day can't be wasted away.
Take my hand and lead the way when I feel dullness in my head.
Dwell the phantoms of delusion, spreading chaos and confusion.

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