Otep - My Confession Lyrics

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Otep Lyrics

My Confession Lyrics

My Confession... [x6]

Because I'm deluded... and perfectly flawed...
I shall live by passion, and not by law.
And I'm... insecure, I... need aggression.
To... feed the spiders, of perception.
And I'm, supposed to be strong and... have all the answers.
A cannibal, in the... new Church of Cancer.

But I'm, nothing special -- I'm not unique.
I have many secrets, and I eat the weak.
And I'm... at an end.
I'm at an end...[x5]
And there's... no way out!

I need to find my sanctuary,
Some place safe.
Gotta' get this outta' me,
this is my escape.

And I... think about it all the time.
I'm volatile and afraid to cry.
But I'm... still not comfortable in my skin.
And the anesthetics, slowly... wearing thin.

And I, need to talk to... someone new.
I need a different, latitude.
And I'm... in this void all alone.
Feeling needy. Hungry to grow,
but I'm... suffocating,
Can't come down.

And... there's no way out...
There's no way out![x5]

[Chorus x2]

All I see is sadness...
All I see is sadness...
What's left?

This will teach them...
This will teach them...

You've got to push, push, push...
Your way out!

Follow me!
Follow me!
This is your way out!

This is where I hide my power.
This is where I become free.
This is where I take control,
and slowly choke your fantasies.

I want to know my day is coming,
see my enemies be punished.
Shed my skin again,
this will be my best revenge.

Shed my skin again,
This will be my best revenge.

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