Orion Riders - A New Dawn Lyrics

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Orion Riders Lyrics

A New Dawn Lyrics

Strange dark place, trees around me,
Heavy stones on the ground,
I looked at the fatal Moon
While the wind whispered sad words

Victim of a waking dream
I stayed in the darkness
While the wood buried its secrets

I lost my mind, blind spirits were my guide
I was searching my Soul, my story, my end
I saw my body fading as I read
My name on a grave
And now my shadow
Is a stone

Leaving this Time,
Empty body without a face,
I'm the messenger with broken wings,
With bleeding hands
I'm dying to revive,
Tomorrow will be a new Dawn,
A wandering Soul shall devour your sin,
I'll walk amid the trees
And my petrified eyes
Shall be the mirror of these Nights

Running man in the Timeless land,
A flash of lightning in this cold, silent, endless Night
My shape began to change,
Memories of this last horizon,
A new dawn over the hill,
My fragile life dissolved in the wind and now I know,
Like a sensation,
Like a Vision dying in the morning

I'm leaving this Time...

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