Oppnox - Psychedelic Shed Lyrics

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Oppnox Lyrics

Psychedelic Shed Lyrics

I rest a shadow and myself on walls in my car
Following footsteps that stream tip-toes on the length of my arm
A secret knock, a tap on entrance from existence, past semi-healed scars

Fireflies a blazing and mating on the bottom sky of familiar spoon
Plastic hinge releases whisper of requests to let me in on her moon
Kids already laughin' and trippin' in their cosmic events

I flutter pupil visions in the back of my mind
She says to me you're not far ahead only behind in the middle of a line
I get up top to the bottom near the hole in the sky (Now we know our places)

Stars seem so censored until the rabbit rummages in the park
Chewing on those lushes as it swims to the next patch in the dark
I sense a chorus portol express coming through my radio high

Welcome, come on out
Go out and come back in
A track is a door
My mind asks for more

The city of kids
Never under reality tents
The psychedelic shed leads you to the new fury friends
They won't harm you, they warn you
They warn you, they understand you (They may want to touch on the words that you give)

She'll never leave you only to get lost in the end
Welcome, come on in
Welcome, come on in
Welcome on in
A cocoon of silence brings the best out of words

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