Jimmy Wayne - I Will Lyrics

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Jimmy Wayne Lyrics

I Will Lyrics

So you're the one
Ive waited on
The one I've been dreaming of

Now that I know
It's hard to let go
I don't wanna lose your love

What can I do
I cant make you stay here
But if you should choose
to go your own way

Whereever you're going
Whenever you turn
Remember this moment
Remember these words

I will
I will give up my life for you, if you want it.
I'll give you my heart, you already own it.
I'll do anything,
I'll go any where
It's true,
I will,
I will,
I will.

I look in your eyes,
And I see our life
So full of happiness.
Do you see the same?
Just someone you play
For things that you might've missed.

I don't wanna weigh you down like an anchor.
But if that's how you see me now I will pleather,
Let you go free
Just sail away
If that's what you need
If that's what it takes

[Repeat Chorus]

If everyday is going to steel you away
If you feel you need someone to hold you
I will
If you ever need some one to
Talk to someone who really knows you
Yes I will

Give up my life for you if you want it
Give you my heart you already own it
I'll do anything
I'll go anywhere
It's true
I will
I will
I will
I will.
Love you

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