Jesus Christ Superstar Lyrics

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Jesus Christ Superstar Lyrics

From the Album Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
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Damned For All Time/Blood Money
Everything's Alright
Everything's Alright Reprise
Heaven on Their Minds
I Don't Know How To Love Him
I Only Want To Say (Gethsemane)
Judas' Death
King Herod's Song (Try It And See)
Peter's Denial
Pilate and Christ
Pilate's Dream
Simon Zealote/Poor Jerusalem
The Arrest
The Last Supper
The Temple
This Jesus Must Die
Trial Before Pilate (Including The 39 Lashes)
What's The Buzz/Strange Things Mystifying

Other Songs:
Alles Wird Gut Sein
And The We Are Decided
Could We Start Again Please?
Das Letzte Abendmahl
Gethsemane - I Only Want To Say
König Herodes Song
King Herod's Song
King Herod's Song(try And See It)
Pilate And Christ
Pilatus' Traum
See My Eyes
Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem
Simon Zealotes/ Poor Jerusalem
Tell Me,Christ
Then We Are Decided
Trail Before Pilate
Trial Before Pilate(including The 39 Lashes)
Verdammt für alle zeit
Weil Sie Ach So Heilig Sind
What's The Buzz
What's The Buzz?/ Strange Things Mystifying
Wie Soll Ich Ihn Nur Lieben

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