Jeffries Fan Club - She's So Cool Lyrics

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Jeffries Fan Club Lyrics

She's So Cool Lyrics

I can't stop thinking about the way she makes me feel
She's always on my mind and I don't know if she's for real
I guess I thought she'd be with some other guy
A guy who's so much stronger a guy who's not so shy
I'm a dork yeah she's so cool
I'm ugly she's beautiful
She's so smart, I'm just a fool
I just can't figure it out, I just don't understand
Why does she love me?
I pull up to her house she floats right through the door
She looks just like an angel and I want her so much more
I'm still asking myself how could it be
Out of all the guys who want her, she'd rather be with me
Out of everybody, she'd rather be with me

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