Jeffries Fan Club - Another Love Story Lyrics

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Jeffries Fan Club Lyrics

Another Love Story Lyrics

This is the story of Jesse and Shauna
You're gonna hear it even if you don't wanna
Jesse used to be hardcore
He's not anymore
He met a girl who stole his heart away
If I were him I would have run away yeah
Now we can't find Jesse anywhere
We even checked in Shauna's underwear
Her stomach is big
So is her smile
I haven't seen him in a while now
Where is he
I think she ate him
So the story is told
Yes a story so old that it's hard for me to tell
She was so fat
She was so ugly
Fat girls drive Jesse crazy
Jesse used to be my friend
Well he's not anymore
He fell in love again
Why oh why
He spends so much time with her
Cuz she's a whole lot of fun
Why oh why do other guys just see her
And then they start to run
She's a fat girl with a
Whipped guy and her
Flat chest, really big thighs
They're in love
Why can't you see
They're in love and they are happy

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