Jay Blaze - Follow Me Lyrics

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Jay Blaze Lyrics

Follow Me Lyrics

I'm gettin' in that pocket
It's a lot of money in there

[Verse 1:]
(Check me out man!) Yo Yo
I'm a' leak it on the Internet and watch it grow viral
Whole industry goin' down in a spiral
(Damn) None of ya'll out here flowin' hotter than I flow
Watch me blow
Up up and away
It's a bird it's a plane
Nah man you know it's Jay... !
Lot of ya'll rappers out here spittin' till your gray
Got it on the radio?
How much did you pay?
Everybody stuck with emotion don't know what to say
Kill em' with credibility market ability
Stiff arm em' with agility
From training facilities
I'm about to show you how to build you a buzz
All because I does what I does
I'm just sayin' yo

[Verse 2:]
Uh huh
Verse two man
(Let's do this) Yo
Yeah I went from capital to capital couldn't rally a team
Hopes of being in the scopes of Jimmy Iovine
Blaze comin' with fire leave em' burnt with the steam
Ya the student is bold but the teacher is mean
I'm workin' out getting' bigger now I'm cuttin' up
I'm pissed off I'm sorry there will be no shuttin' up
You want a new business motto to follow?
Here's one
Stop dropping these one hit wonders
One force fed single will not get you numbers
You're far from platinum
You're more like lumber
Fruity ass niggas dick ridin' cucumber
No wonder baby still been number one stunna

[Verse 3:]
Uh huh
A stars resin
Yo Yo
I'm the west coast prince
Snoop can be the king
I've entered to the ring
Lookin' for that shinnin' thing
Won't stop the swing
Till I hear that ding ding
Or till the cash registers go ching ching
See it's money in the bank
Then it's money in my flow
I've got money in the bank in the wood board floor
If you don't let me in the door
Breakin' through window
I guarantee everybody follows me to the floor

Perfect the game switch up the flow
Now I bring you hit singles

And these little women out here come and mingle

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