Dance Hall Crashers - Othello Lyrics

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Dance Hall Crashers Lyrics

Othello Lyrics

How can you say that you need me when you never look me in the face
How can you say that you love me when you've been messing around all over the place
I went downtown yesterday and I was walking in the marketplace
Everybody laughed at me, they whispered that i was a disgrace

You've been out all night drinking again, you never even bother to call
Been crossing blades with god knows who, you're headed for your rise and fall
Sooner or later I'll wake up and wipe the sleep out of my eyes
Later that day when you wake up you'll be in for a big surprise

You talk about yourself all night when really you are such a bore
You give me flowers to my face, behind my back you call me a whore
I've had enough of your god knows what, I think it's time for you to leave
I've forgiven you too many times before, this time you get no reprive

The bed's too big without you but I suppose it'll have to do
Better to lay in an empty bed than to spend another night beside you
People talking all over town about the way you've been putting me down
People talking all over town, they don't want to see you around

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